I guess you could say Christy Lee Taylor is  a melting pot of things! She is a 4th generation native Floridian who has lived in Florida her whole life except for a semester of college when she lived in London! Christy grew up acting, modeling, and playing many, many sports. She played volleyball on a scholarship while getting a Psychology degree with a minor in Marketing. Christy continued acting and modeling while getting her feet wet in the production side of things. She soon opened her own production company called Abba Productions, Inc. Christy worked for 10 years on a film project that ended up not making it which was tough...to read more about that go to the What Ever Happened With Redeeming Love page. God however opened the door for her and now in addition to being a producer and speaker...she is also an author! God is awesome like that!

Besides her work life, Christy's most important role, other than as a daughter of our King, is as a wife to her husband, Patrick, and Mommy to her 3 amazing kiddos! Life is busy but full of things God has placed there! Christy is also currently looking into 2 different film projects....we will see what happens!


12 Fun Facts About Christy Lee Taylor


1.Christy is insanely competitive, so much so that if she goes to a baby shower or party with games like the "take things out of your purse the fastest" she will think her heart is literally racing because she really wants to win! In high school Christy varsity lettered in 6 different sports so she thinks there may have been a long span of this nuttiness =)


2. Christy volunteered as a Teen Mom leader at a pregnancy center and as she was contemplating taking the position because she wasn't a mom yet, she found out that she was pregnant with her son! Although Christy was married and older it was still neat to go through it with the girls she led =)!


3. Christy doesn't always to like to follow the rules. Not in the "I am a big rule breaker" type of way, but more in the "the board game should be played like this" way. She often thinks there may be a better way to play, her close friends are no longer surprised by this!


4. Christy has been to almost every state. She hopes to hit the last few before she goes on to heaven.


5. Christy has loved storytelling since she was a little girl. The show Punky Brewster was having a contest for, if she recalls correctly, episode ideas, and she entered a bunch!


6. Christy's husband and she attended a Bible Study at their college for the captains of the sports' teams and apprentices in the sports' offices. It was very early and Christy IS NOT A MORNING PERSON. She basically wanted to know if she could show up in her PJ's...and she probably did more than once! The good news is her husband (who was not even her boyfriend yet) didn't seem to mind...She knew he was a keeper!


7. Christy does not like odd numbers except the number 7...and occasionally 3 only because of the trinity and it is Duane Wade's number. Also 1 if she is competing haha!


8. Christy got married pretty young and is still thankful she did. Christy and her husband went on their honeymoon during her husband's Christmas break from college! They went to the Virgin Islands, then home for Christmas with their families, then to the Poconos....so they got the beach and then the snow!


9. Christy like lists.......and she also likes not ending sentences but instead doing this.....yup she does!


10. Christy really values honesty, She detests even small lies. If it isn't the truth, it is a lie...plain and simple.


11. Christy has some favorite songs, some of  which include: Nichole Nordeman's: Legacy, Casting Crown's: Slow Fade, Mercy Me's: The Hurt and The Healer, Francesca Battistelli's: Write Your Story.


12. Christy has really good long distance vision, her brother and father do as well. As a family sometimes they would have competitions who could read the tiny print on like sugar packets from the furthest away at restaurants. It did however come in handy when driving in Los Angeles to see signs way ahead when they needed to get off!